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Welcome to Our IA Renewal Program

8 Hours of Learning

Our course is FREE to take at any time, you only pay to take the completion

quiz to obtain your IA Renewal Completion Certificate to present to the FAA

How our website works.

Welcome to our FAA Inspection Authorization Refresher Training course that qualifies for IA Renewal. We are very excited to present this course to you with some groundbreaking changes. We have divided this course into two parts:

  • ​The first part of our course is the required 8 hours of training. This part is NOW FREE to everyone, all year round. That's right FREE! The next big change is that the course now works on all platforms, including cellphones. No passwords necessary required!
  • The second part is you can use our course to meet the FAA 8 hours of training required by FAR 65.93(4). We have developed a Final Quiz. Prior to taking the quiz you will need to go through the 8 blocks of training. You then pay for, and pass the final quiz with at least 70% correct. At that point you can print the completion certificate to present to the FAA. The cost of the refresher training, and then the quiz is $59, half of what the cost was before. This allows you to see and review all the material contained in our course and then pay and take the QUIZ. No other program will allow you to do that, and learn so much!

You must be wondering, why is our unique course in the FARs FREE? As an A&P or IA throughout your schooling you are not taught about the FARs under which you are governed. However, should you violate one of the FARs, you can be charged under the legal citation 14CFR43 and the specific section(s) by the FAA for example. 

Throughout the years I have enjoyed training and helping mechanics to become IAs. I also have spent a considerable amount of time getting IAs, A&Ps, and Repair Stations out of trouble with the FAA for FAR violations. I feel at this point that I would get far more satisfaction out of providing this information FREE so that you don’t violate the FARs in the first place. In other words, we want you to be able to use the 8 blocks of training on the Federal Aviation Regulations for maintenance all year long, not just to obtain the renewal certificate. I feel this important information should be freely available to everyone with simple understanding;

  • I have put together ALL the FARs that apply to a Repair Station or A&P working on small aircraft, or an IA inspecting them. Each instance in the course that refers to an FAR, AC, AD or other FAA document, is linked directly to that document on the FAA’s website.
  • It should be noted that, FAR 23 was revised recently and can no-longer be used by an IA! Because of that, all references to FAR 23 in our course are linked to the previous (historical) FAR 23, because that version relates to the Inspection Authorization function currently.
  • Through the years I have created several things that, if followed, will keep you from violating one of these FARs. ALL of this is now FREE.
  1. Our copyrighted Airworthiness Flowchart. The front, if followed from right to left, will give you a determination of Airworthiness. The backside explains how it works. You can download it and keep it in your toolbox.

  2. Our Annual Inspection Flowchart, and our Annual Checklist, also downloadable. Our course explains the advantages of using both.

  3. Also videos that demonstrate how to read and interpret both Airworthiness Directives (ADs), and Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDSs).

  4. Our new addition is Form 337 Field approval with Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA).

So what are you paying for? To renew your IA under FAR 65.93(4) requires an IA to receive 8 hours of training each year between April 1st and the following March 31st. In order to take and pass this quiz you will have to review ALL 8 Blocks of Learning, which run about an hour each to complete. The quiz consists of 100 questions, many of which the answers can only be found by having read the material. The added benefit is that, as you review the material, you are gaining knowledge that will allow you to perform your job as an IA with greater assurance that you will not violate one of these FARs.  The cost is for taking and passing the quiz, is now $59.

We greatly appreciate all of you who have previously taken this course for your patience, and encouragement to rebuild the course. 

Thank you again for all the comments and suggestions, and we continue to welcome them to improve our current course.


Review all required FAA regulations and procedures for Mechanics with Inspection Authorization. 

As an IA one of the most important things you will ever do is protect and keep your Inspection Authorization Certificate current and in good standing. The best way to do that is by knowing all the regulations you are governed under and how they apply to you as an IA. As an IA it is very easy to become overworked and pressed for time. Taking that extra time however, to really learn the regulations can save you in the long run. In the end, you are only as good as your reputation.

My love for aviation has lead me to train many young people to become IAs and A&Ps. Over the years I have tutored 135 people to become IAs, and have gotten countless of people out of trouble with the FAA. It was this desire to train and help IAs stay out of trouble with the FAA that led me to design this Inspection Authorization Refresher Course. But even then I could only reach so many people at one time, and only that could fit in one room.

Our first attempt at putting our course on the internet eight years ago was a little unconventional, but the only way it would work at the time. Now with the advances in technology, and the help of my Wife, this new version is more than I could have hoped for.

My wish through presenting this course is to help an even greater number of people to become IAs, or to easily find the information they need to complete a job the right way, or to just better know how to work within the Federal Aviation Regulation.

In making all the block lessons FREE and easily accessible to everyone year round gives you as an IA or A&P the ability to learn at your own pace, and to revisit any block at any time.

I also want to extend my personal help. My phone number is 925-818-6642 if you have a difficult problem and need help finding an answer. Give me a call and I will be happy to help if I can. Thanks!

Peter M. Friedman

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