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This website is unique! There is no site like it on the Internet!

Our goal is to help as many people as possible to solve common problems they may be having with their aircraft and getting paperwork properly submitted to the FAA.

I have been in Aviation, both Operations and Maintenance since 1965. In 2016 I was awarded the FAA’s Charles Taylor 50-Year Master Mechanic award. I look forward to receiving the FAA’s Orville Wright award in a few years for being a certificated Pilot for 50 years as well.

I love to teach and transfer the skills and knowledge I have accumulated in over 50 years to others involved in Aviation; Pilots, Mechanics, Repairmen, and even FAA Inspectors. I have participated as an Expert Witness in Aviation litigations for over 40 years, and very pleased I am usually on the winning side.

I have conducted FAA-accepted Inspection Authorization (“IA”) Renewal Seminars since 1990, and currently as both Friedman Aviation Enterprises (In-Person) and Aviation Online Learning (Internet-Based), both accepted now until 2023. Since 1990 I have mentored over 150 FAA Mechanics to obtain their Inspection Authorization.

I work with Clients and Flight Standard District Offices (“FSDO”) developing and obtaining FAA Field Approval on Major Alterations not covered by Supplemental Type Certificates (“STC”). I also work with the FAA for Clients wishing to obtain STCs and Parts Manufacturer Approval (“PMA”). Through the years I have assisted many Pilots, Mechanics and Repairmen who were in trouble with the FAA, to solve their problems and get their planes back up in the air. I have an extensive knowledge of the FARs and believe it is important to use and understand the FARs when determining whether an aircraft is AIRWORTHY. In this website you will find an Airworthiness Decision Flowchart I developed years ago so that you will have something that will help keep you out of trouble with the FAA.

Our services 

At the end of this website you will find numerous links to FAA documents and published articles on Maintenance, Quality, Engine Overhauls, and other pertinent subjects.

You may always contact me at or (925) 818-6642.

Thank you! Peter M. Friedman

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