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Welcome to our Course Quiz.

This Quiz meets the “FAA IA Renewal Requirement” in FAR 65.93 for completion of eight hours of learning. The course cost is $59. After completion of the quiz you will receive IA Renewal Completion Certificate to present to the FAA during March of every ODD year per FAR 65.93.

The quiz contains 96 questions that will cover the material you have reviewed. You must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly in order to receive your certificate to take to the FAA. There is no time limit on taking the quiz. You can pause it at any time to review material on the FAA’s website, our website, or just to complete it another day. When you do pass the quiz you will receive a certificate you can then print. There is no pressure; you are able to retake the quiz if you do not pass the first time until you achieve 70%.

Once you click the link below and make your payment you will find a registration page with information that will be placed on your certificate.

Click the link below to enter our IA Renewal Quiz

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