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Course Overview

When you become an A&P, or an IA, you will learn a lot of different things about facilities, equipment, and Airframe Structures, Systems and Components, Powerplant Theory and Maintenance, Systems and Components, Inspection, and so-on.


However, as a mechanic, A&P or IA, working in the field of aviation, you are governed under the Federal Aviation Regulations. None of the schooling you have or will receive teaches you anything about the FARs. Yet, should you violate one of the FARs, which are codified by the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 14, or “14CFR”, You can then be charged under the legal citation  “14 CFR, Part 43, Section ____”, by the FAA. 


I have created Aviation Online Learning to acquaint both A&Ps and IAs, in a structured format, how the maintenance regulations (“FARs”) apply to them, and to keep them out of violating one of these FAR's.


  • Unfortunately, FAR Part 147 does not require such an approach to teaching the FARs. The principle FAR under which both A&Ps and IAs are violated by the FAA is FAR 43.15(a) which requires that, in the case of aircraft inspections, “all applicable airworthiness requirements must be met.  These would include the compliance with Airworthiness Directives, the use of inspection checklists that include the Scope and Detail of FAR 43, Appendix D, etc.

I have been an "IA" since 1982, and I have also been "FAA" approved to conduct “Inspection Authorization Refresher Training” on the FARs, since 1990. I have created this interactive website to provide IAs worldwide the ability to attend my FAA approved IA Renewal Training Seminar without having to travel at great expense, or attend expensive courses, to renew their IA certificates. In addition, I am a current Commercial pilot, CE500, CFI-I, A&P, AGI and IGI since the 1970s, as well as a UAS pilot, and a former DAR and DMIR. I also am a Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Quality Auditor, Certified Quality Inspector, and a Certified Quality Technician for over 30 years. In over 50 years of aviation I have seen it all! Please check out my other website for additional services!


Let's take a look at how this course works and what will be covered.


This "Inspection Authorization Refresher Training" seminar FAA #C-IND-IM-170103-K-010-001, is designed to meet the FAA's requirement for 8 hours of learning required by FAR 65.93. The course consists of 8 Lesson Blocks (blocks 1 through 8), these take about one hour each to complete, some longer or shorter. Each block covers specific FAR information in chronological order, and it is recommended that you work through them in that order. However you are free to work through them in any order you wish. These Block Lessons are FREE to anyone to read, and work through as often as you would like, all year round.

To meet the 8 hours of learning required by FAR 65.93, you are required to complete ALL 8 blocks of Learning, and then take the Final Quiz. Throughout the course you will find about 75% of all the answers to the questions that are on the quiz, the rest you should already know. Some of the questions on the quiz can only be answered by going through the course. The cost for the Quiz is $59. Once you pay for the Quiz, it takes you to our registration page. The information on this registration page will then transfer over to the certificate, to meet the 8 hours of learning required by FAR 65.93 to then present to the FAA. The Quiz consists of 96 questions and you will need 70% to pass. If you do not pass the quiz the first time, you will be able to take the Quiz again at any time. Once you start the Quiz you can pause it, in order to search for information on the FAA's website, or in our course. You will also receive an email with a link to enter the Quiz at a later time, until you have passed. Once you have completed the Quiz and received at least 70% correct, you will be able to print a certificate to then submit to the FAA.



What you will find under our menu bar. You will find Contact under Home link. Syllabus contains all the FARs that are pertinent to an IA in order to keep you from violating one of the FARs. Each FAR is linked directly to the FAA's website, which makes the syllabus a great quick reference site for FARs that cover small aircraft. Under our VIDEO link on the menu bar you will find our Airworthiness Flowchart, Type Certificate Data Sheet and Airworthiness Directive demos. Our video of the Airworthiness Flowchart gives you better insight into how it works and why, by following it when you encounter a problem, it will keep you from violating one of the FARs. The Type Certificate Data Sheet A3SO gives you better insight into how to find all the pertinent information contained within a Type Certificate Data Sheet so that you don’t miss something important. The same is true for the Airworthiness Directives AD 87-03-06 and AD 87-22-01. Unless you have had some previous training on how to read and understand ADs, and just how complex they can become, it is easy to miss something that could be critical. We hope you find these videos informative. 


Welcome to our website! 

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