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 ​Introduction & Bio:

Peter M.  Friedman


I have been an "IA" since 1982, and I have also been "FAA" approved to conduct an "Inspection Authorization Training Seminar” on the FAR's, since 1990. In addition, in 2016 I received the FAA Charles Taylor 50-Year Master Mechanic award. I am also a Commercial pilot, CFI-I, AGI-IGI, and A&P since 1977, UAS, and CE500 SIC, and a vDAR and DMIR for 8 years as well.

I have created this interactive website to provide IA's worldwide the ability to attend my FAA approved IA Renewal Training Seminar, without having to travel at great expense, or attend expensive courses, to renew their IA certificates. The blocks of instruction based upon the FAR's are in FAR chronological order starting with FAR 1, and culminating in FAR 91.

As an example, you can complete the 8 Blocks, during the course of the year, one Block at a time, or all at one time if you preferred. When you have completed the course you will be able to print a "Completion of Training Certificate" which you then submit to the FAA, for renewal of your IA certificate. The course is available to you as a reference source. If you are using it as a reference source, and can't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to call me directly. That is one of the many benefits of having taken my course, and one that is not offered, anywhere else.

This course meets the “FAA IA Renewal Requirement” in FAR 65.93 (4) for completion of eight hours of learning. The course is composed of eight blocks of learning. You will learn all about FAR's that apply to everything an IA does, or will encounter. You will see a complete “Airworthiness Flowchart” developed that you can print out, and keep in your toolbox for future use. Following this Airworthiness Flowchart in making airworthiness decisions should assure that you will never violate an FAR.

The quiz will be based on the block lessons that give you the opportunity to apply your new-found knowledge. You must answer at least 70% correctly in order to receive your certificate to take to the FAA.

I enjoy anything having to do with Aviation, my other website is where I deal in Pre-Purchase Aircraft Inspections, Biennial Flight Reviews, Aircraft Ferry Permits, Aircraft Relocation and Recovery, Consulting on Form 337 Field Approvals, Operations Specifications, Aviation Litigation Expert Witness and more. 

We hope you enjoy your experience, and find it informative.

Thank You for trying our course.

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